Sweat and Acne

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Most people know that those who work out often or participate in sports, that more acne comes with these activities. Many people wonder if sweat causes acne. Let us face it, we all sweat, so don’t all of us have acne if sweat were to cause it? Acne happens to people for multiple reasons. Acne rarely tends to be a problem when only one factor is involved. However, sweat happens, it would be good and proactive to know if acne did not.

It is said that sweat does not directly lead to acne production. However, further research has shown that sweat can irritate current acne breakouts. Sweat tends to contain salt, and salt on fresh wounds never goes over well. It can cause a burning sensation that can take a while to go away. With the burning, redness and inflammation could occur. This is never a good sign and should not be tolerated. It should be known that sweat can also cause acne or pimples to itch; but it is still recommended that scratching or picking should occur.

Though there is no direct correlation between sweat and acne, some dermatologists have begun to see a trend between fitness experts and athletes and acne. Sweat, although cannot cause acne, it can “morph” current acne into a different form of acne. Though sweat can turn acne into a different form that does not mean panic should begin. Sweat driven acne can be treated the same as regular acne. The only difference would be to attempt to keep sweat off your face by wiping it with a cloth.

Sweat usually occurs when the body gets overly hot. Sweat is a way for the body to cool itself off. The ammonia in sweat can also cause irritation to present acne. It is wise to ensure that you clean your skin after you have sweat a great deal. Sweat drying on the skin is not the best idea and will most likely result in acne irritation.

The best thing that can be done, is not to just not sweat. That is not possible unless you stay inside, hardly move, and the environment is cold almost all the time. The preventative measure is simply; clean yourself! After working out or playing a sport, take a shower. At the least you should wipe your body clean. That way the first layer of sweat is gone. Never just leave your body full of sweat.

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